Wednesday, January 15, 2014

what's up!

photo one. a date with my baby boy @ starbucks. such a fun time. he is so easy going and very funny. he loved that he gave himself a hot cocoa mustache so he kept drinking it in a manner to make it thicker. ha!

photo two. aria on the phone with grandma. just moments before this cute pic she was crabbin, hanging on my leg very annoyingly. and then boom, i put her on the phone with grandma and she's a soft spoken little cherub.

photo three. aria & me right before we left to go pick up luke from school . wearing my favorite pink lipstick from h&m so i had to really emphasize my lips as you can see.

photo four. aria LOVES to read & i LOVE to read. so i just get so tickled when i see her go get a book, sit down and proceed to page thru it all on her own. it is so darling.

photo five. luke headed back to school on monday after a looooong winter break! when i asked him a couple days before he had to go back "so honey, are you excited to go back to school?" he replied "um, i kinda like my life right now" ha ha! he loved the "relaxin" he said.

photo six. aria with her beloved dolls. she probably has too many dolls for her  mere age of 20 months, but i gotta say, she does not take them for granted. she loves each and every one of them. she is a really good  mama. aside from when she gets in a trance while stepping on their head.