Wednesday, January 29, 2014

you take what you get

so as usual, i have all these cute little photo ideas for me and my babies.
but as usual, only a couple turn out.
aria gets tired of photos pretty quick. at this
age, luke was way easier. he'd let me take photos of him
and with him till the cows came home, which worked out
great since we have no cows.

but hey, i got a few cute shots of us.
i promise i have a husband but he is never
around when there is good lighting and then
when he is around and there is good lighting
and i ask him if he wants to take a picture
he looks at me like i just asked him if he'd like
to try naked aerobics. it's a picture! a cute fun
picture, why doesn't everyone share this love affair
with photographs that i have?

well, right now luke is at school and aria is on the
couch "reading" to herself. little legs stretched out
with a giant book on her lap, tiny inflections that sound
like a flower talking in the midst of the pages crinkling
as she turns them. sweetness galore.