Friday, April 4, 2014

time flyin

it is so cliche to say "time flies" and then "gah! ... go catch it!"
hardy har har. cough. "oh look, a bird!"

but my baby boy is going to be 7 in 3 months. he is only 3 in the top
pic. and that's aria in the blurry pic above, looking at me so sweetly.
i swear she knew i was leaving her to go out for the night. i was only
a mile away and gone like 2 hours but she basically bawled the whole
time, and she was with her dad. and brother. maybe she just doesn't
like me having fun without her.

anyway, no birthday parties this year for my babes. nope!
we did both last year so we are skipping this year and just
going on a couple of birthday picnics out in a wide open
space. it will be loads of fun and the best part is,
neither of them care a lick.

i am ready for this weekend. also, gotta lot of projects
i'm working on. one is to finish up this book of mine.
i am a poet. don't worry, i am not going to kill myself
or cry at parties, but indeed, i am a bonafide poet.
i have been writing since i was 12. and i just love it
so. i kinda view my writing life as my alter ego.
but not in a creepy way. i don't wake up and go
(insert clapping hands twice in the air) "today
i am amy fairweather!" but that is my pen name.

here is the cover to my book. ;

i loved this shoot! went down to an abandoned house and got to be very not me.

well, anyway. this is one project i am trying to wrap up asap.

this was a very random post but hey, it's friday!