Tuesday, October 21, 2014

random photos

#1 a kitten i found last week at my moms that i wanted to keep so desperately i felt like i was on some soap opera, complete with pensive looks off into the distance, with head slightly tilted and eyes a little squinted. it didn't help a lick but it did make me realize pretending you're on a soap opera scares the general public.

#2 aria at the beach in august. i can't believe the summer is gone. it just went by so fast and i sometimes daydream about it just out of the blue like when it's cold and rainy and i'm in my house crying and looking out the window like an inmate.

#3 my baby boy. he was 1ish in that photograph and it is one of my favorites. that face. that face!

#4 me & my aria. "mama my friend" she tells me. and kisses me so strong, total mafia kiss. and hugs me as she buries her little face under my chin.

#5 aria dancing in the living room. i was in the kitchen and i hear "baweeena! baweeeena!" and hop over to see this. heart puddle!

#6 aria looking out the window

#7 my luke, so grown up! i snapped this while we were in the grocery store parking lot, he sits
in the front seat and talks to me while we wait for aria to wake up from her car nap. i love it.

#8 the little kitten again. purring by me. basically begging me to be its mama. but we gave it back to the mama and deep in my heart i know that it was bad timing and the right decision. it's just so hard to say goodbye to a kitten after you've bonded with it for 30 minutes and then witness it splash a puddle with its tiny little paw! do you even know how cute that is? well let me tell you, it's freakin' adorable!!