Saturday, May 3, 2014


so i want to move away. 
out to more of a wide open space.
out to where i can wake up 
& smell fresher air 
& have a barn free of animals.

yes, you read that right.
i would love a little barn. 
but animals? no, i can't do that. 
i am a country girl deep down in my heart.
but i am not so inclined to be fetchin water
for chickens and cleaning up goat doodles.
no, that's just crazy.
i sometimes wish i was more of an
animal girl, but then i spot a really cute
dress and lose my train of thought so i 
never actually complete the wish. 

i like to visit working farms though.
you know, when you can laugh at that
obnoxious baby goat call and
run away in a giggling tizzy as the cow
dumps a truckload out right
in the middle of your best ice cream flavor debate.

i really do have an infatuation 
with horses, i think 
they are gorgeous and it is
on my bucket list to ride one.
i imagine myself riding upon one
just like those girls in those
perfume commercials. only my hair
would be a tangled rat's nest after about 4 minutes 
and my eyes would be watering 
and i'd probably
look like i was wearing 
an invisible neck brace
from my nerves. and then the 
horse would actually start
moving and i'd look even worse.

well, i have a boatload of stuff to do today
so i should go. 
the weather is finally picking up so i am hoping to
get out and enjoy it.

thanks for reading all this.