Thursday, September 19, 2013

i worked it

so a couple weeks ago i cleaned my garage out. i
kept waiting for the day my hubby would but after years of feverish daydreams and fasting, i realized some hopes just fizzle as time bounces on.
so i took it upon myself, one warm wednesday afternoon. and i dug in. & i am the sort that once i 
dig a little, it's getting dug till there ain't no more duggin to be digged. wow, sometimes poor grammar makes me feel so powerful. 

so i clean it out, had boxes all heaped up. found things that i had no idea why they were even in there in the first place considering i moved here when i was 25 (mickey mouse bed sheet? a giant book of algebra? come on, why would i need either of those ever again?) 

it felt SO GOOD to get it clean. as i swept it up i truly felt like dancing with the broom but felt i was being spied on so decided to just talk to myself instead, ok i'm kidding, i whispered. 

and then the painting began! yes, i had just purchased loads of spray paint from LOWE'S and the first thing i began painting was my kitchen chairs, a light shade of baby blue. then a baby doll cradle for aria's dolls (vintage, all wood) and then this bench up above. it was just brown wood. my husband says it is not for the living room but i just want it there for now. it's cute! i threw a vintage afghan on it and i bought a pillow from H&M (love their home department online now!) and it's gonna stay for now. and look at my little dumpling girl, i can't exactly swipe the thing out from underneath her when she is that excited about it.

so i have a nice clean garage. and i am almost done with my painting projects, it feels so good to get stuff done! 


Friday, September 6, 2013

happy weekend!

i have a sore throat. 
but i'm still gonna rock. 
"cold ain't no match for me!"
 (say in adam sandler bathtub voice)

xo, amy 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

she just loves this vintage horsey. 
sure, it may collapse into a heap of dust one day as she sits upon it, but it's worth the risk.