Wednesday, January 15, 2014

18 months

aria was 18 months in november.
i thought this up & decided to do it before i forgot.
just love her little shoes! her favorite ones are the
kitty ones from h&m. she will go in my closet (we
share a closet) and get them out and try to get her
chubby little foot in there all on her own. she hasn't
succeeded yet but she tries so hard, it's adorable.

can't believe she is 20 months now.

almost 2?

come on. what the heck.

the thing about me with posts is that
i usually don't know how
to end them. i mean i don't wanna
be like "ok, bye!" and i used to
do the xoxo thing, but it seems
like everyone does that & i don't really
wanna kiss&hug anyone in this flu season
so i feel like it's pretty fake.
so i guess i can just end it like a book...

the end.