Saturday, October 19, 2013

my dear boy.

sometimes i can't believe this baby of mine is 6.
when you have a baby everyone tells you to cherish it.
and "they grow so fast" and blah blah bliippity blah.
but it is true.

if i can offer one piece of advice that i did and am
so glad i did, it is this...

stare at your kids.

truly, stare so bad that your eyes get dry from
not blinking.

when they are talking to you, look at those faces wholly-
stop what you are doing (if you can, don't set the iron on your dress
and then blame me for burning a funny shaped hole in it)
and just take them in! get very near to them, breath them in! 

it's this that i did and i do and i always will. when i bask in those
little faces in total focus & listen to their inflections with my ears
bent in no other direction, these are some of my best memories.

&  yeah, i love it so.

my 6 year old - the photographer

luke took this & i love that!
it's like a double gift.
the gift of the cute pic of me & aria
& the gift of knowing that my little boy snapped it.
ah, love!

a good spin.

records are just charming.
there is no other word to describe them.
except nostalgic.
and lovely.
so there, those three words.
& cute. yes, cute.
records are stinkin cute.

xo, amy