Wednesday, May 22, 2013

pretty cute right?

we celebrated aria's birthday on sunday. 

have lots of photos to post but am cross-eyed tired right now. 

oh ok, here's one...

the pretty little birthday girl!
 she actually kept her flower crown on for a long while, which made me very happy!

Monday, May 13, 2013

post poning a party & i love a mug.

so I had to postpone aria's birthday party because
luke came down with a touch of the flu.
it was a bummer but hey, gives me more time to
 put my tanning gel on! (I kid) (sorta)
I spotted the mug above at target about a month ago.
I really liked it but didn't buy it since I figured I already have a mug.
& it just didn't feel like a "buy a new mug for $9" time 
but the thing about a mug that says "hello!" on it is that
it's just such a friendly mug that it's like it was begging to come home
with me. so last week when it went on sale, I bought it &
i never looked back.
it's working out great so far. every morning in shouts "hello!" at
me and i, in turn, drink out of it very happily.
pretty good relationship.
xo, amy

happy mother's day.

hope all you mommies had a wonderful mother's day!
i sure did!
i am so very grateful for these two munchkins.
& also - so very blessed with a wonderful mom!
xo, amy

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

photographs: aria's world.

looking forward to this summer.
last summer aria was brand new & I was a big ol' mess.
just cuz I had postpartum depression & well, I was too chubby for all my clothes because of the left over pregnancy weight. I could have gone out and gotten myself a few bigger sized things but I am pretty strange, it's like I'd rather wallow in the same two maxi dresses all summer than buy a size or two up. 

but anyway. spring is here & i am happy.