Tuesday, December 17, 2013


i had to open up some of my gifts.

i mean really.
it's cold.

like static hair, dry skin, giant boot slippers,
robes that make me feel like i gained a hundred lbs,
don't want to get off the couch cuz it's colder in the
kitchen, don't want to answer the phone cuz it's
in the kitchen, don't want to make dinner cuz well,
i just never feel like making dinner. 

anyway, because it's so cold i opened up my new coat
and new boots. and my precious mini Polaroid camera.
the camera has nothing to do with the cold, i know,
but i was on a roll & no one ever said life makes sense.
i think my husband is so used to me opening up
 my gifts early, he's pretty numb
to it. he didn't say one thing this year as i pranced
around the living room in my new coat & boots
like some sort of winter tinkerbell.

i guess i do feel a little lame having the lack of
self control. but not lame enough to retire from it.

xo, amy