i am a wife & a mama. (one husband, two kids - boy- luke, girl -aria)
i am a Christian, heart & soul.
i am a writer (in general, poetry, short stories & lyrics)
a photographer.
a shop owner (online)

my hobbies are...

playing the piano. (just composed my first song last month!) (not a great pianist, yet)

dance. (i have taken ballroom, hip hop (!!), and ballet.) ballroom is my favorite!
but i do love ballet too, i have a portable ballet barre that i bring out (struggling with a bright red face) every now and then.

baking. (cake. cake. cake.) if heavily frosted cakes had no impact on my health, i would eat it. every. single. day. i am also a certified chocolatier! i owned my own chocolate company for about a year & ate way too much chocolate for about two years. 

sewing. i am by no means that good, but am getting there! looking forward to sewing my pattern-less skirts this spring

& of course writing & photographer i consider my hobbies too!

my 2 biggest pipe dreams

one- to have my own fashion line - mainly skirts & dresses.
two- to have my lyrics in a song on the radio

other things you may or may not want to know about me...

i tend to do too much at once, get overwhelmed, curl up in a fetal position & shed some tears,
promise myself i will go easier on myself, go easy on myself for about 2.5 days, proceed to do
too much at once again.

i am easily amused. i adore good shtick. & like to think i have some good shtick myself.

i am a neat person. no, not neat as in "i'm great!" but as in if you leave another wadded up napkin on the counter i may go ahead and slug ya. 

i love dresses & skirts. would like to start a dress club but not sure exactly what we would do
&/or who would join.

i love summer. i don't really complain about heat. when it's 90 outside, i don't turn on my air conditioner, i open the windows and sweat it out. feels so good!

i am getting craftier. these past couple years i have begun to get craftier and it's quite fun!
except when you've been working on something for 2 hours and it crumbles before you eyes,
that pretty much sucks.  i get a lot of my ideas off of pinterest.

i love natural health & holistic healing. have cured myself & others of many ailments naturally! it is very cool! (aria's eye infection, cured with my breast milk!) (luke's warts - i know, ewe!- cured with lemon oil and tea tree oil) (my anemia, cured with chlorophyll) just to name a few. :)

i want a white kitten. & a clown fish. my husband wants a big dog & a no fish.

i think i'll wrap this up for now.

if you made it to the end and you read all of the above, then we are now officially friends.
unless you didn't like what you read, then this is just awkward.

xo, amy

 "& you will always know where your heart lies, for it is what you laugh & cry about the most"