Saturday, June 15, 2013

sweet life.

dear sweet life, 

when i am grumpy for no good reason. 
shove this photo in my face and then slap me 
right & good.

i am blessed. let me not forget it! 

bad blogger

i just don't blog like i used to. 
i try to. i really do. but it mostly escapes me.
i'll tell you why!
cuz blogging takes time and i don't have the time!

no, i'm not shouting at you. but rather talking very
emphatically to my computer screen.

i told myself going in to this - no guilt.
if i promise a post and it doesn't happen, 
oh stinkin' well.

if i take loads of beautiful photos on a trip
and end up only posting the creepy blurry
hotel one - well that's just the way it goes.

i don't want this blog to become a job.
i want this to just be a show tune carnival
everyday. cotton candy for everyone!

oh gosh. i don't know what i'm talking about
now. but i guess alls i'm saying is, love me for
who i am or don't love me at all. or love me a little
if you want to. yeah, i mean, a little is ok too.

& buy me stuff. 
i love presents.

xo, amy


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ombre hair.

really wanting to do this (ombre hair color) soon.

i'd love to do it on my own since it seems fairly easy to achieve.

i love how the coloring process doesn't touch your scalp! but that's a side note bonus, i just truly think this is a great summer look.

i have colored my own hair a lot and have had some great successes (insert blowing it dry doing fancy pivots and triumphed laughter when i'm done)

& some very unsuccessful (insert me crying. and then crying some more).

i say i go ahead and do it. it will be a fun ride either way.

xo, amy 

Monday, June 3, 2013

come to mama

just ordered this from last week and it's already on its way.


i am also currently shopping baby bike seats to attach for aria to ride along.

i used to ride my bike all the time when i was younger. and single. and lived at home. i'd ride around the neighborhoods for what seemed like hours but was probably more like 45 minutes or so. then i moved, got married and then for some reason -just stopped. considering the chain of events, it looks like i could blame it all on my husband.

but then, you know how life can be inspiring, i just felt all bikey this season. like every time i'd see a lady riding her bike i'd get this itch to do the same. & especially if she had a little baby chilling behind her in an attached seat. that just got me even more itchy, total chicken pox.

so! i can't wait.

of course i will post pics when i take her out for a spin. you know, those pics where you are pretending you are very involved in the scenery ahead of you but really you are hoping your posture looks good and the sun is hitting your face the best way possible.

xo. amy