Friday, April 26, 2013

aria's paper doll party.

 i bought this to hang on the wall, it's huge - love!

paper doll dress cupcake toppers, i ordered six for the cupcakes
that i'm going to put on either side of the cake

place mats as a party favor. i am printing these out and then laminating them at an office store

 mint colored paper straws, so pretty. 

- still trying to decide if i'm going to buy or make the cake garland topper. seems like an easy decision right? not for me! welcome to my world...


on being happy

(me & luke - summer 2011 -right before i got pregnant with aria)

sometimes the easiest way to feel good when
you are having a rough day is to look
at photos of  yourself when you weren't.

things to not do when your down n out? 
don't compare your life to someone else's -
(you shouldn't do this anyway.)

don't eat those bad favorite foods (temporary happiness,
albeit some super tasty temporary happiness)

don't shop online (took me a while to learn this lesson,
actually still learning my lesson)

don't sit out on your deck & cry (it's just weird & i'm
pretty sure the birds hate this)

xo, amy 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

things i say.

'it's so cold out there, it's just stupid cold. "

"let's get this party started!" (when clearly there is no party)

"hmph" (with my chin tilted high like anne shirley) when i am holding a fake grudge.

"i sure do love ya!" (with a strong country twang) 

ps -  look at my baby girl! she is almost one.
& i don't actually let her play with legos but apparently
when i am taking photos of her i don't notice
dangerous toys in her hand because i am so busy staring
at her darling face. i did notice right after taking it though.


Monday, April 15, 2013

sometimes i ... (food edition)

sometimes i...

flip food with my fingers instead of a spatula (sausages, chicken patties, etc.)

rip a recipe out of a magazine & buy all the ingredients & don't make it for a really, really long time. or ever. 

do the salsa with my refrigerator door. 
i lead. 

feel like a loser because i don't really do that well in the kitchen. 
 (am really trying to get better.)

buy a giant cake for my birthday that lasts two weeks. this actually only happened once, on my last birthday.  but i really want to make this a tradition.

xo, amy 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

planning a birthday party.

(my daughter, Aria, at one week old)

planning my daughter's first birthday. 
i am very excited.
it's paper doll theme. 
i sorta have a undying love for paper dolls.
my husband still doesn't even understand 
what they are & when i explain for the
72nd time he still looks at me like 
"& what's the point of that"

anyway, i am baking the cake 
it's going to be white, with
ruffled icing & some sort of 
tiny garland hanging upon it. 
can't make up my mind if i want
to just buy this garland off of etsy or get
all martha stewart-ey and make it 
myself. either way, i'm going to set
the finished cake on a lovely glass
cake stand & let the crowd roar. 

 i really can hardly believe my
baby girl is going to be one!
her name is Aria (pronounced ARE-EE-AH)

i also have a five year old son, Luke.
he will be six in june, & that is
completely crazy to me!
i mean, SIX!
i swear it feels like i was just
calling him pumpkin-eater as i 
swung him around on my hip to 
some fancy song. 

time goes too fast, such a cliche
but so true!

xo, amy

Monday, April 8, 2013

sleeping pictures.

i've taken a picture of my daughter as she sleeps on me
every month since she was born. 
i plan on making a collage when she reaches a year next month.
i just think sleeping photographs are one of the
sweetest moments to capture. 
isn't she precious? 

xoxo, amy 

 (edited in


i didn't get a family photo of us on easter
(does anyone else feel cursed when you "plan" a family photo?)
so this will have to do.
painted the eggs myself.
got the idea off of pinterest, to paint
eggs all fancy shmansy.
i think my husband turned out the best
he doesn't really have a mustache but
it just looked so fly, i kept it. 

xo, amy

Saturday, April 6, 2013

blue luggage

really lovely blue luggage.
way too expensive for me to even
 bat one eyelash at right now.
but i bet i find a look a like someday soon!

xoxo, amy

why hello there.

hello, my name is amy.
first posts are a little strange for me.
(yes, i've had a blog or two before)
like arriving at a party where you only know the host
& she's so busy she doesn't see you've arrived

so you try to wear an "i've got this" expression
& mosey around and about the place super casual
with a grin here & a fake ponder there.
but deep down you feel like an alien since, (very
obviously) everyone else knows someone else.
& then you secretly wish you were an alien
so you could fly up into space right now & leave
this sham of a party in spaceship smoke.

i mean, let's face it, if you're making your blog
public you can't claim you are doing it for the
sole purpose of an outlet. you write publicly
because you want people to see it. & after they
see it, you hope they like it, or better yet, absolutely
love it & blog stalk you till the end of time. 

i have created this blog because i just flat
out love to write, i always have.
& since i've become a wife & a
mother, i have even more to write about.

so what does "i want swell" mean?
well, i am a songwriter/lyricist  & a long time ago
i wrote a song called "swell"
i won't sing the whole thing here in writing but the
end of the chorus is "some want glamorous, i want swell"

so that's that.
swell encompasses being happy & grateful.
that's my definition of it.
like a picnic & a prayer.

xoxo, amy