Thursday, July 25, 2013

high buns.

what are your thoughts?

yay or nay?  to buns?

i love them dearly but welcome all criticisms of this giant donut atop my head.

xo, amy

Saturday, July 20, 2013

the weekend

 i am so happy the weekend is here. 
what a busy week!

today i am buying a kiddie pool for the deck and a pretty little
lounge chair for me to toast in while the kids "swim" in said kiddie pool.

plus i am baking cookies & getting a new bike.

had to return this bike since i couldn't attach aria's baby seat to it
& bonus! it made a super irritating noise upon pedaling it. which you pretty
much have to do. although it's so darn pretty i almost thought of keeping it just to walk it 
around town like a pet. 

so, am looking forward to getting my new *yellow* bike and finally
taking little girlie for a spin. 

if you are reading this i hope you have a wonderful weekend. 
if you are not reading this, i still hope you have a wonderful weekend
though sadly, you will never know.

xo, amy 

UPDATE 8.9.13 - 
i went to a different target and they fixed my bike for not even a penny!
& i found a bike seat that goes in the front, so it should work!
that's right folks, now we can all carry on with a little more pep in our steps because indeed, 
dreams do come true!

Monday, July 1, 2013


i wake up in the morning feeling not fully rested
but i'm so used to it it's like i just expect the feeling now.

i do remember what it feels like to feel fully rested.

kinda makes you wanna do a mary poppins kick and/or a karate chop dance.
either way, it's just plain fun.

every morning i get my big cup of coffee.
change aria's giant pee diaper as she says "no, no, no"
give luke a hug and "how'd you sleep honey?" as i pet his head.
"good. i'm hungry" he says very quickly.

i took these pics with my self timer mode this morning.
hence the slanted variety,

just wanted to capture us as we are when we wake up.
and yes, i may have bumped into a bit of powder beforehand,
but i didn't do my hair or practice different expressions in the mirror so that
has to count for something.

love these little babes.

xo, amy