Wednesday, January 29, 2014

you take what you get

so as usual, i have all these cute little photo ideas for me and my babies.
but as usual, only a couple turn out.
aria gets tired of photos pretty quick. at this
age, luke was way easier. he'd let me take photos of him
and with him till the cows came home, which worked out
great since we have no cows.

but hey, i got a few cute shots of us.
i promise i have a husband but he is never
around when there is good lighting and then
when he is around and there is good lighting
and i ask him if he wants to take a picture
he looks at me like i just asked him if he'd like
to try naked aerobics. it's a picture! a cute fun
picture, why doesn't everyone share this love affair
with photographs that i have?

well, right now luke is at school and aria is on the
couch "reading" to herself. little legs stretched out
with a giant book on her lap, tiny inflections that sound
like a flower talking in the midst of the pages crinkling
as she turns them. sweetness galore.

Monday, January 27, 2014

summer girl

i am a summer girl.
so is aria.
i know she is not yet 2 but i can tell.

i am not the one who swoons over
the up and coming sweater weather.
or gets excited at the prospect of
warm cocoa by the fire.
that's right, i said pleh.
sure, it's cute.
but it isn't cute enough for me
to wish summer away. too. long.

so i guess tomorrow i'm gonna
take out my camera and have a
gigantic photo session indoors.

i just gots ta.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

drawing & oh you shoe

aria loves to lie on her belly and color. her little masterpieces all over the place. but when i try to put one up on the fridge she quickly waddles to it and says no while taking it down. i guess she's one of those more private artists.

& that shoe. that lovely mint way too high of a heel for me to do any sort of good dancing in - shoe. i did love you when i took you out of the box. but when your zipper got stuck and i thought i might have to cut you off my foot or else take a truly fancy bath while wearing you, i realized we were not meant to be. i mean i'm really stubborn & so are you, everyone knows that's a bad match.

the end.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

18 months

aria was 18 months in november.
i thought this up & decided to do it before i forgot.
just love her little shoes! her favorite ones are the
kitty ones from h&m. she will go in my closet (we
share a closet) and get them out and try to get her
chubby little foot in there all on her own. she hasn't
succeeded yet but she tries so hard, it's adorable.

can't believe she is 20 months now.

almost 2?

come on. what the heck.

the thing about me with posts is that
i usually don't know how
to end them. i mean i don't wanna
be like "ok, bye!" and i used to
do the xoxo thing, but it seems
like everyone does that & i don't really
wanna kiss&hug anyone in this flu season
so i feel like it's pretty fake.
so i guess i can just end it like a book...

the end. 

what's up!

photo one. a date with my baby boy @ starbucks. such a fun time. he is so easy going and very funny. he loved that he gave himself a hot cocoa mustache so he kept drinking it in a manner to make it thicker. ha!

photo two. aria on the phone with grandma. just moments before this cute pic she was crabbin, hanging on my leg very annoyingly. and then boom, i put her on the phone with grandma and she's a soft spoken little cherub.

photo three. aria & me right before we left to go pick up luke from school . wearing my favorite pink lipstick from h&m so i had to really emphasize my lips as you can see.

photo four. aria LOVES to read & i LOVE to read. so i just get so tickled when i see her go get a book, sit down and proceed to page thru it all on her own. it is so darling.

photo five. luke headed back to school on monday after a looooong winter break! when i asked him a couple days before he had to go back "so honey, are you excited to go back to school?" he replied "um, i kinda like my life right now" ha ha! he loved the "relaxin" he said.

photo six. aria with her beloved dolls. she probably has too many dolls for her  mere age of 20 months, but i gotta say, she does not take them for granted. she loves each and every one of them. she is a really good  mama. aside from when she gets in a trance while stepping on their head.