Saturday, April 6, 2013

why hello there.

hello, my name is amy.
first posts are a little strange for me.
(yes, i've had a blog or two before)
like arriving at a party where you only know the host
& she's so busy she doesn't see you've arrived

so you try to wear an "i've got this" expression
& mosey around and about the place super casual
with a grin here & a fake ponder there.
but deep down you feel like an alien since, (very
obviously) everyone else knows someone else.
& then you secretly wish you were an alien
so you could fly up into space right now & leave
this sham of a party in spaceship smoke.

i mean, let's face it, if you're making your blog
public you can't claim you are doing it for the
sole purpose of an outlet. you write publicly
because you want people to see it. & after they
see it, you hope they like it, or better yet, absolutely
love it & blog stalk you till the end of time. 

i have created this blog because i just flat
out love to write, i always have.
& since i've become a wife & a
mother, i have even more to write about.

so what does "i want swell" mean?
well, i am a songwriter/lyricist  & a long time ago
i wrote a song called "swell"
i won't sing the whole thing here in writing but the
end of the chorus is "some want glamorous, i want swell"

so that's that.
swell encompasses being happy & grateful.
that's my definition of it.
like a picnic & a prayer.

xoxo, amy