Saturday, April 13, 2013

planning a birthday party.

(my daughter, Aria, at one week old)

planning my daughter's first birthday. 
i am very excited.
it's paper doll theme. 
i sorta have a undying love for paper dolls.
my husband still doesn't even understand 
what they are & when i explain for the
72nd time he still looks at me like 
"& what's the point of that"

anyway, i am baking the cake 
it's going to be white, with
ruffled icing & some sort of 
tiny garland hanging upon it. 
can't make up my mind if i want
to just buy this garland off of etsy or get
all martha stewart-ey and make it 
myself. either way, i'm going to set
the finished cake on a lovely glass
cake stand & let the crowd roar. 

 i really can hardly believe my
baby girl is going to be one!
her name is Aria (pronounced ARE-EE-AH)

i also have a five year old son, Luke.
he will be six in june, & that is
completely crazy to me!
i mean, SIX!
i swear it feels like i was just
calling him pumpkin-eater as i 
swung him around on my hip to 
some fancy song. 

time goes too fast, such a cliche
but so true!

xo, amy