Monday, July 1, 2013


i wake up in the morning feeling not fully rested
but i'm so used to it it's like i just expect the feeling now.

i do remember what it feels like to feel fully rested.

kinda makes you wanna do a mary poppins kick and/or a karate chop dance.
either way, it's just plain fun.

every morning i get my big cup of coffee.
change aria's giant pee diaper as she says "no, no, no"
give luke a hug and "how'd you sleep honey?" as i pet his head.
"good. i'm hungry" he says very quickly.

i took these pics with my self timer mode this morning.
hence the slanted variety,

just wanted to capture us as we are when we wake up.
and yes, i may have bumped into a bit of powder beforehand,
but i didn't do my hair or practice different expressions in the mirror so that
has to count for something.

love these little babes.

xo, amy